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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What Is a Virtual Tour?


    A virtual tour is a digital technology tool that provides an insight into your business in 360° perspective, allowing your potential patients to “look around” and move within the premises, typically from outside of the building into the reception area, treatment rooms, lounges etc. While Google virtual tour is linked to your Business Listing and Address on Google maps and is hosted by Google, bespoke virtual tours are owned by your business and include extra features making the tour more personalised and interactive for a viewer.
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    What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Tour to My Business?


    A virtual tour allows you to showcase your facilities and premises to numerous potential customers, who physically can't attend your business prior to making a decision as to whether or not to contact you with their requirement. Virtual tours are a great marketing tool, raising your business Google rankings compared to your competition. Businesses with virtual imagery linked to their listing are much more visible on Google search, thus attracting more traffic. Once on your website, a viewer stays on it longer, which again benefits you Google performance.
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    How long do these shoots normally take?


    Duration of a shoot will depend on the size of your facilities and the size of the tour required. Most photo shoots take about an hour, but it really depends on how large the interior of your business is. Be rest assured, we will allocate as much time as required to ensure all required imagery has been taken so that nothing will be missing from the end product.
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    Will the photo shoot disrupt my regular business operations?


    Our photo shoots are always designed to be as non-disruptive as they could be, since we know that you're running a business. Our photographers always work around your schedule, and they'll help to select a convenient time. None of our photo shoots ever require any type of lightning or special setup, so you're welcome to stay open. It's generally a good idea to let customers and employees know what's going on, and it's best to have them avoid being in the view of the camera if at all possible.
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    What part of my business will be photographed?


    You can always work with the assigned photographer to determine which parts of the business to showcase and which to avoid. Most photo shoots will focus heavily on the main areas of customer interest, be it a venue hall or a treatment room. These photo shoots are supposed to illustrate what it might be like to take a stroll through your business on a regular day, so any areas customers are likely to see are best to be included..
We shall happily develop a 360 technology based solution best suited for your business and personal circumstances. Do not hesitate to get in touch, we are looking forward to hearing from you!